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Invisalign: A Patient’s Journey

It is sometimes difficult to imagine what a treatment will be like and there can be a lot of nerves associated with the great unknown. Well, never fear we are here to help. One of our team has just started the process of Invisalign, the near invisible teeth straightening system, so can share their journey with you here on the blog. Here’s a little insight into their first appointment.

I had traditional metal braces when I was ten and living in America, they stayed on for over three years and worked well but over the years my teeth have shifted back into positions that suggest my teeth are doing complex yoga moves rather than standing up straight. An important lesson can be learned from my early braces experience, and that is listen to your dentist and wear your retainers kids ! I decided this year that it was time to get them sorted and so I spoke to Nav at Woodborough about Invisalign. It worked for me to go down the Invisalign route because I couldn’t face metal braces again, though at the time I enjoyed choosing snazzy festive coloured brace bands which were all the rage in 1998.

For my first appointment with Nav he used the iTero scanner which is a brilliant piece of equipment. It looks like a small white TV remote and is moved around all of your teeth to take an in-depth scan of the structure. It took about ten minutes to be scanned and it didn’t involve any gloop or suction so I was very comfortable. Once the scan is finished you can see the results straight away on the scanner, and it revealed that yes my teeth are indeed as wonky as I had thought.

The great thing about the scan was that it showed a simulation of how my teeth could be shifted back into a more aesthetically pleasing position so I was able to garner a real idea as to what could be achieved with Invisalign.  Next Nav, with the assistance of super nurse Holly, took photographs of my teeth from different angles to ensure that they have as much information as possible. So that was my first appointment, simple! The next step is for Nav to send off my Invisalign information to the lab so that they can look at the structure and feedback to him about moving forward with the aligners. I might be biased but Nav and Holly were a great team and explained everything to me, making sure I was comfortable and relaxed throughout!

If you are interested in Invisalign why not pop over to our Invisalign page to see more about the process? We are hosting an Invisalign Open Day on the 30th September, have a look here for more information.

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