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does your mouth feel like a spring breeze

Spring seems to have finally sprung – with daffodils blooming and a real feel of a new beginning in the air.  Now seems to be a good time to have a spring clean and start afresh!

A great way to do this is with your dental regime. Spring is the perfect opportunity to check when your last dental hygiene appointment was. If your mouth is feeling more grimy than fresh, perhaps it’s time to spring into action!

At Woodborough House, we offer dental hygiene appointments which can help to brighten up your smile.  Our team of friendly dental hygienists can remove hard calcium deposits known as calculus from around the teeth as well as help with removing unsightly staining.

Nothing feels like a professional clean as it can make your teeth feel incredibly smooth as well as being refreshing for your mouth. Once you’ve had your appointment, it may even encourage you to keep up your new oral hygiene routine, by following some simple advice when it comes to looking after your teeth.

Personal Oral Hygiene Techniques

Your dental hygienist will be able to ensure you are using the best possible toothbrush and brushing techniques to help suit your specific needs.  They will be able to take a good look into your mouth and see if you are using anything to clean inbetween the teeth and if so, see if you are doing the best job for your interdental spaces.

From here they can then introduce you to the best method for interdental cleaning – floss, flossettes, interdental brushes or a waterpick which they can advise you to use, depending on your individual case.

They may also ask when the last time you changed your toothbrush or electric toothbrush head was or if you’re aware of when this should be changed. Our hygienists can help by giving you these simple yet effective tips.

For example, remembering to brush your tongue when cleaning can help to remove plaque and bacteria from this area, often responsible for halitosis, otherwise known as bad breath.

So if you feel as though your breath is becoming the cause of many problems when it comes to your oral hygiene regime, a spring clean and a fresh new beginning could be the perfect start you need this spring.

To find out more or to book a free consultation, please call Woodborough House on 0118 984 3108 where one of our friendly members of staff will be happy to help.

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