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I blogged on this a while back now, but we are officially up and running with the iTero technology here at WH. In fact, some of the dentist are getting quite competitive. Sen is actually top of the list for dentists that have cases using iTero! Well done Sen. The heat is on now guys.

The iTero technology is an absolute magnificent “piece of kit”. iTero is a revolutionary new technique, which is used to create dental impressions. iTero technology uses digital 3D images of the patient’s mouth, rather than dental trays and putty and can be used to create a range of different dental devices. We all know how much patients dislike those putty impressions! By using the 3D images, iTero creates a much accurate impression of the patients tooth, or teeth, making the fit of the new crown perfect.

iTero technology is set to revolutionise the way dentists create dental impressions. The new technique will reduce time in the dentist’s chair, improve accuracy, reduce mess and eliminate the need for further appointments. Anything to make our patients journey at WH easier and less traumatic for them, is a bonus for us. We are very lucky to have the iTero scanner here at WH.

If you would like to know more about iTero then check out our website, or speak with our dental team. They will be more than willing to help.

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