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Holiday Season!Summer is going well so far and as always it is a busy time for us here at Woodborough House.

With holiday season upon us and everyone is off to sunny destinations over the next few weeks. A couple among the list are Corsica and Ibiza.

With one staff member after another jetting off it means that as a group we don’t get so see each other for a few weeks at a time. So on Saturday 15th August Sarah and Nick are very kindly hosting a BBQ at their home. It’s always a lovely afternoon and gets everyone together out of the work place environment. We all have a laugh and eat good food with of course the odd glass of wine or two. Let’s hope this beautiful sunny weather holds out for us!!

Frenchie Pup

I myself recently brought a puppy she is a little over 4 months now and although she is only small she has a very large personality. My mum has to look after her during the day whilst I am working which from what I am told can be a little stressful. On the plus side she is usually good as gold for when I return home at the end of the day! This means that a long holiday is probably not on the books for me for a little while but day trips are just as fun so we have lots of those planned… all dog friendly of course.

I am heading to Wales at the end of august for my cousins wedding! I always enjoy visiting Wales especially as my cousin lives right next to the beach and if you have read my blogs before you will know how much I love the beach! It will be nice going down there for the wedding. I have my outfit sorted dress and shoes!

I am heading down a few days before as I have been enlisted as marquee decorator and bridesmaids hair curler so it should be a good weekend. The whole family will be heading down for the wedding Saturday and we have a hotel booked for the night so we don’t have to worry about having a allocated driver to take us home in the evening…could be dangerous. The dogs have been invited as well with their own handmade bandanas they will be looking very smart. I have the following week off too so a few extra days at the beach may be in order!

beachFollowing that I am hoping to get to the Zoo, hopefully Bristol Zoo, during my week off and I am also attending Reading Festival for a day which should be good, I am taking my dad to see his favourite band there for his birthday which is only the week beforehand, so it should be a good day rain or no rain!!

So all in all I have a great summer planned so far, and there’s plenty more weekends left so lots to make the most of! I’m sure you will be hearing more about our summer BBQ and also holidays as the summer progresses but for now that’s all.

Thanks for reading!

Lo x


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