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Hi! I’m Kirsten and my colleague Nick Fahey at Woodborough House Dental Practice placed my dental implant. When I was younger I had a huge gap between my two front teeth. As a teenager I went to have braces and was told that I had a tooth missing, so they straightened my teeth and made a gap big enough for a tooth to be placed there. I wanted to explore my options and find a solution that would last. It also had to look good because the gap was at the front of my mouth and I enjoyed smiling. When my braces came off, I finally decided that having an implant would be the best fix for me. However, I was told that I wouldn’t be able to have an implant until I was twenty three, so I had a Maryland bridge fitted causing no damage to my other teeth.

A few years later I started working and training at Woodborough House as a dental nurse. Soon after I started working here I found out that I could actually have an implant now if I wanted and did not have to wait until I turned twenty three. Nick offered to do it for me and I was happy with this because I knew that that I would see great results – I had seen his work before! I felt that he was the best person to place my dental implant and I decided to get it done.

My treatment started off with a CT scan and then Nick planned my surgery. There was now a date in my diary to have the implant done! I was a bit nervous at first but that’s perfectly normal and on the actual day I was fine. Nick started by sorting out the stent for my surgery, making sure it fitted correctly. An hour before my surgery I had some oral sedation to make me calm and sleepy. During this time I had to brush my teeth for what felt like ages (it probably wasn’t that long) and then I had to rinse my mouth in corsodyl for a couple of minutes too. I had some time to relax and then I was taken through into the surgery where it was all draped and ready for the procedure to begin. The surgery started and I closed my eyes. I must have just zoned out because the next minute it was all done and I was free to go!

I went home, took some pain killers and then went straight to bed. When I got up the next day I felt fine. I felt a slight bit of pressure from where the implant had been put into the bone. I didn’t look at the area because it was slightly swollen and I didn’t want to cause any damage. I wasn’t able to brush my teeth for a week to make sure that the tissue healed properly and I used antibacterial mouthwash to avoid having plaque around that area. Thanks to Nick at Woodborough House Dental Practice, I now have the smile I’ve always wanted!

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