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Hi, it’s me again! I thought I would write a little to update you all on recent events. Firstly, I thought I would let you all know that I am now a qualified dental nurse as I have passed all of my exams – I am just waiting for my GDC registration number! This is exciting as it opens me up to be able to do so many more things in the practice. Plus, as soon as my registration number arrives I can begin my radiography training with Lauren, one of the other dental nurses here. This will mean I can take x-rays for the dentist when prescribed, which will save time during consultations as it gives the dentist more time to chat with patients.

Secondly, I was called up for Jury Service back in September and that was an experience in itself! Before I attended there were a couple of girls here that had already done jury service in the past. Although you cannot discuss the case, you can share the experiences you had which was a big help as I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was nervous when I arrived at the court on the first day but then I relaxed into my role as a juror. It was quite interesting and very different from my normal everyday job, but I enjoyed it as it was a good experience. The case I had took a little over 2 weeks so it seemed like a long time away from work, but still working which was a strange feeling. I was glad to be back at work and get into a normal routine again!

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