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I have had a lot to look forward to over these summer months…

I’ve had my hair cut into a short bob for the summer, it’s like it always used to be but I do have to clip it out of my face for work. Everybody loves it nice and short and people keep telling me that it makes me look younger!

My aunty, uncle and little cousin are over from Australia. We decided as a family that it would be really nice to go to Devon and have a great big family get together in our cottage. There wasn’t enough room for us all in the house though, so we took a big tent to put up in the garden. My brother and I with all our little cousins stayed in the tent and most of the ‘adults’ were in the house enjoying themselves.

It was great to have this great big family holiday because I got to spend lots of time with my little cousins. The weather stayed nice which was great because the cottage is walking distance to the beach so we all walked down there and went surfing – there were some big waves! When we weren’t surfing we spent lots of time just playing sports in the garden and on the beach also having lots of BBQs.

I also had a holiday with my boyfriend in August. We went to Kent for Folk Week. We go every year and we enjoy it a lot because it’s just on his home town’s doorstep, so it is nice to just walk out the door and you are in the middle of the festival. It can also be a lovely beach holiday too as the beach is just outside the back door. In the day we spent a lot of time having a look around at some of the festival stalls and watching the Morris dancing. You can even have music lessons or dance lessons in the morning! However, we decided against that this year. Most of the time though, we were on the beach soaking up all the sun rays. Then in the evenings there are a lot of live bands playing in all the pubs which is great and also fireworks on the beach! It was a great week!


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