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It was my birthday at the beginning of August – I was 23 years old! This year I decided I wanted to do something with my friends and also my family.

The week before my birthday I went out for a meal with my friends to Zero Degrees in Reading. The food was lovely and I managed to get a free glass of champagne, which is always a plus! We then went to a few bars in Reading; it was nice to catch-up with my friends. As everyone is getting older, we don’t get to see each other as much, so when we do we definitely make the most of it!!

zero degrees

My birthday was on the 8th August which was a Friday, so I had that day off work; it was nice to have a long weekend. I had arranged to go to Ascot with my family. The gates opened at 11am, so we decided to get there for about 12.30pm as the first race was at 2pm.The weather held out for us and we had a great day! I went to Ascot last year and was hoping I would have a repeat of it as I won quite a bit of money but this year I didn’t have much luck. :P It was still fun though!

Everyone at Woodborough brought me a corsage to wear, which was lovely and matched my dress perfectly! :)

After the races had finished, the concert started. Vernon Kay was the host, so we all watched that for a bit. There were also rides there, so as I went with a few of my younger cousins we decided to go on them. It was a really good day – I will definitely be going next year!


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