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In our latest blog post, receptionist Leah talks about her most rewarding moments at Woodborough House Dental Practice!


I can’t really pick a most rewarding time since being at Woodborough House, just working here altogether is rewarding! Working with dentists who can change people’s lives is an amazing feeling!

I’ve worked at Woodborough House for just over a year now, and I have seen so many patients who have had bad experiences in the past with previous dentists; it makes it hard for them to even walk through the door because they are so ‘scared’. Yet having seen the dentists/hygienists at Woodborough House, they don’t have a second thought about booking their six monthly check-up or hygiene appointments! In fact they are probably the ones that are keener to keep their oral health under control!

There have been patients that have had terrible accidents and are very self-conscious of what their teeth look like, but now they are happy to smile and wear it proudly because of the work our dentists do!

I am so happy that however small it may be, i.e. answering a question that a patient has, or making them a drink before they see the dentist, I am still a part of these patients’ journeys.

So really, I haven’t got a most rewarding moment since I’ve been at Woodborough House… just being here day to day is rewarding! If I didn’t work here, I would definitely be coming here as a patient! :)

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