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Do you have an old filling which you can’t stand the sight of? Perhaps you wish you could have a cosmetically beautiful smile which doesn’t have that metallic silver look to it. The great news is there’s another choice – white composite fillings.

At Woodborough House, we offer the choice of both metallic and composite fillings. Traditionally amalgam or metallic fillings as they are otherwise known, were used to fill a cavity. An amalgam free filling is often required where aesthetics are important, which is generally where your teeth appear in the smile line and where there is not too much tooth tissue.

The benefits of amalgam-free fillings are that they are more aesthetically pleasing and can in some cases be stronger than metallic fillings because they are bonded to the tooth itself, which in turns places less strain on the tooth. This makes it a cost effective treatment in the long term.

Composite Fillings

Composite fillings usually last up to 5-6 years which means they are fairly long lasting alternative to metallic fillings. Most people make suitable candidates for these type of fillings, including nursing mothers and pregnant women.  You can prepare for a filling by relaxing and not thinking about the procedure too much.  Generally, tooth coloured fillings can be more expensive as it is a more technically demanding procedure, as it requires a longer appointment time and the materials are more expensive.

There aren’t really any foods or dietary requirements to avoid when having a filling, but you can limit any further cavity damage by ensuring you have a good dental hygiene routine and avoiding excessively sugary foods and drinks.

Removing an old filling

If you have an amalgam filling you might like removing, mention it your dentist who will be able to assess it to determine if removing the amalgam will be beneficial to you.  You won’t feel any pain during the removal process as your dentist will administer a local anaesthetic.

At Woodborough House we follow the strictest protocol for both patients and staff when it comes to the removal and disposal of amalgam fillings and we work to guidelines established by the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Technology. If amalgam-free fillings or the removal of a filling sounds of interest, please give us a call today on 0118 984 3108 where one of our professional and friendly members of staff will be more than happy to help you.

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