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Whether you’re a coffee addict or you enjoy a glass of red wine after a long week at work, little by little you could be staining your teeth thanks to your habits. 

And because nobody likes the look of stained or yellow looking teeth, this can then be a cause of embarrassment, affecting your confidence when you smile. 

Thankfully, there is a way to improve your smile! Yes, for those after the coveted ‘Hollywood smile’, teeth whitening is a wonderful option. And, when home whitening kits can be found online for half the price of professional teeth whitening, it’s tempting to take matters into your own hands.

But, unfortunately, it’s not all as great as it seems. For example, did you know you could be compromising your oral health when you use home kits? And would you still use them if you knew the dangerous consequences? Here are some of the most common home teeth whitening methods and why you should steer clear of them:

Whitening Strips

Teeth whitening strips are designed to target all your teeth in one go. They’re coated with a whitening solution that should be applied to the teeth once or twice a day for up to 2 hours.

Though they’re very cost-effective as one of the cheapest teeth whitening methods, results can vary and unfortunately the colour can appear uneven because the solution can’t get into all the crevices of your teeth. Not only this, but they can increase sensitivity and cause white spots on your gums if used excessively.  

Whitening Pens

Using a whitening pen is a bit like colouring-in your teeth. The idea is that you can target individual teeth that may be a little darker than others. While this sounds good in practice, the effectiveness is often limited and you may experience mild gum irritation and tooth sensitivity as a result of using the pen.

UV Kits

UV kits are a popular method for teeth whitening because they’re often referred to as one of the safest ways to whiten your teeth. However, research suggests that over-the-counter UV kits can lead to health problems such as mouth infections, gum-shrinking and even stomach problems. They’re also unlikely to give you the perfect result you’re after, with the end look usually being patchy or spotted due to the uneven spread of bleach.

Oil Pulling

Swirling coconut oil around your mouth for 20 minutes sounds gross, right? Yet this trend has taken over the internet thanks to celebrities endorsing the method. It’s supposed to draw out toxins from the mouth as well as removing surface stains. Unfortunately, this technique won’t help to extensively to whiten teeth, with a trip to the dentist proven to be far more effective. 

Whitening Trays

Whitening trays can usually be purchased online, you don’t even need to visit the high street anymore. They’re then used every night up to 4 times a week. Though this is one of the most effective methods for whitening teeth at home, there’s a limit on just how many shades whiter you can go. Home whitening kits can’t use more than 6% hydrogen peroxide, so it’s usually not in high enough quantities to have any real effect on the teeth colour. 

Visiting the Dentist for Professional Teeth Whitening

The reality is, many home whitening kits aren’t just potentially harmful to your oral health, they’re also far less effective. 

Here at Woodborough House, we use what we believe to be the most effective, safe method of teeth whitening – Enlighten. It works by increasing the tooth’s permeability to oxygen, breaking down the stain molecules. This method can lighten teeth up to 16 shades! And it is the only technique that can reach a B1 shade (the highest on a dentist’s chart) without increasing sensitivity. 

You’ll visit the clinic for your first session where an impression will be taken of your teeth. Then, once your mould is made, you’ll complete the treatment at home under the supervision of the dentist. The last step is visiting the clinic for an hour long treatment. 

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