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Cilborth Cove - Lo

It’s always exciting when you go on holiday and haven’t been away for a few years! My family and extended family had booked a holiday to go to Wales for a week and I didn’t think I was going to be able to go, due to work commitments and also the tie of my horse (hence the reason why I haven’t been away for a few years!)

I am a huge lover of the beach and sea. If given the chance I would be visiting the beach every day!! As it happens the people who own the stables where I keep my horse offered to look after her for the weekend, so I asked Cathy if I could take a couple of days holiday to give me a long weekend. As always here at Woodborough House, they will try to give you the days that you want and all of the staff are happy swapping shifts to help with this as well, which creates a great team atmosphere. So I left to travel down to Wales on the Friday afternoon and returned Monday evening.

Cilborth Cove 2

We stayed near a small town called Tregaron in a village called Pant y blawd which is about 45mins west of the Brecon Beacons and 45mins from the coast. The weather was rubbish on my travels downs there and at times I worried that it might stay like this all weekend… but although we woke up to some heavy showery weather on Saturday, we were all able to go for a walk across the country side and then take a trip to the coast in the afternoon.

Sunday and Monday the weather was brilliant, lovely and sunny which meant lots of beach time! Sunday we visited a harbour town called New Quay which was lovely, they had the best home-made ice cream! We were able to sit on the beach all day. Monday was a little showery, however we still went to the beach and we visited a little cove called Cilborth. This was a very idyllic little cove which to access meant climbing up and over a cliff! I am definitely not a big fan of heights, but gaining access to the sea made it slightly more bearable. :)

Cilborth Cove 3

The high tide came at an unfortunate time in the day (1-2pm) meaning that there was not much beach space. The sea however was lovely and calm. The tides weren’t too strong, the water was warm and you could enjoy a lovely swim around to the next coves (only accessible by sea).

Then came Monday evening which meant I had to make the long 4 ½ hour journey back home on my own.

All in all it was a great weekend. I have a few days off at the end of the month in which I am hoping to make a few more trips to the beach – maybe even one with the horse!

I will keep you posted and enjoy your summer!!

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