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Another year has started… Hard to believe all those months disappeared so quickly seems like only yesterday we were setting New Year’s resolutions for 2014!

2014 was a very busy but great year; I passed my dental Nursing exam, began studying for my Radiography exam and bought a new horse! As the year drew to a close it was still busy as ever! We are very lucky here to be given a week off over the Christmas period, its lovely as you get a chance to chill out, spend time with family and friends and indulge in good food and drink.

During the run up to Christmas it was very busy, I am a member of Young Farmers and it came into the festive party season with lots of Ball’s to attend at weekends, the weeks just seem to fly by. Then there’s the Christmas shopping… Most of my family are fairly easy to buy for but there’s always a couple that you just don’t know what to get them! Dropping hints into evening conversations trying to find out what dad wanted for Christmas was quite challenging!

We broke up from work for Christmas on 23rd December which was lovely. I had planned my festive week off and was really excited about Christmas!! Christmas is one of my favourite times of the year, it’s always busy but chilled. No pressure to do anything or go anywhere, just take each day as it comes, and Christmas dinner is a bonus .

Reindeer pony

On Christmas Eve I started by going for a festive ride on my pony, she got dressed up in Santa boots and antlers , much to everyone disgust…poor pony. I then went home to help with cooking preparations we always make chestnut stuffing and its one of my favourite things about Christmas dinner, so I have to be involved in making that. Christmas day as always was a chilled family day; we always have my grandma up to help with opening presents…this year I think she got most of them. Then just watched a movie that was given as a Christmas present in the evening. Nothing like family traditions.

Boxing started bright and early for me, I always take my horse out for the Boxing Day hunt meet with the southern shires bloodhounds. (The bloodhounds only chase artificial scent on a planned route!!) It’s always a lovely to way to spend the day and there are always hundreds of people that come to watch as we gallop across the country side . My pony was a superstar, we jumped lots of logs and kept up with everyone, needless to say we were both a little stiff the next day. I then spent Boxing Day evening at the stables, there is always a group of us after hunting so we crack open a celebratory drink or two to celebrate Christmas!

Scrubbed up and off hunting

The 28th December is my mum’s birthday so we always go somewhere to celebrate. When my grandad was alive we always used to go down to Swanage a little Dorset seaside town for a day during the Christmas holidays but since he has no longer been with us we haven’t done so. This year mum wanted to bring back this tradition so we were up bright and early Sunday morning to make our way to Swanage. It was a lovely day however the wind was blowing briskly. The sun was out and we had a rather amusing walk along the coastal path which resulted in both my dad and Sister falling over twice each!!

Tilly Whim Caves Swanage

On the Monday I had planned to make a trip to wales to see my cousin who I haven’t seen since she made the move to wales back in February this year. She lives in a lovely village which is just a 10min drive from about 5 different beaches… if you’ve read any of my previous blogs you will know how much I love the beach!! I was very jealous. I stayed for a couple of days and made my way back New Year’s Eve afternoon. Me and my friends had all brought tickets to one of our local pubs for New Year. We all made our way down together from a friend’s house and had a brilliant new year.

Welsh Sandy bayWelsh pebble beach

So as you can see, the sun was shining down over the festive season. It was a very busy one but also a fantastic one! Back to work now…Roll on 2015 its going to be great!



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