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My Time in the Dental Chair by Leah (Receptionist)

Leah filling

With all of the patients coming through the door, I thought it should be my turn to take a seat in the dentist chair… and I’m glad I did! I needed to have three fillings, two on my left side and one on my upper right side. 🙁

I must admit that even though I work at a dental practice I am quite a nervous patient. This is because when I was younger I had to have a few injections in my mouth for some treatment I had – they hurt so much! But Sen was so gentle and reassuring; I couldn’t feel them at all!

Jay (Sen’s dental nurse) was great; she held my hand when I had the injections, but I quickly learnt that I didn’t need it, as it was pain free. I have had two of the fillings so far; just one more left which now, I’m not even nervous about!

My fear of needles is far forgotten – GO SEN :D!

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