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“Some genuinely inspirational pieces of teaching”

Well, here we are… outside of the Urban Regeneration Institute.  I have been looking forward to this course since I was lucky enough to have dinner with Istvan Urban in Bologna last year.

I did the usual equivalent, to asking a fellow fisherman to “tell me all your secret fishing spots” and he just said NO… If you want to get the answers you want, you will have to come on my course! Fair play. I then asked, which course should I do and when can I do it. Istvan replied that the course he always recommends is his regenerator programme. This programme is taken over 9 days, 3 days at a time over 3 visits over about a 6-month period. Sounds good, O.K. when can I do it? Istvan then replied that it was sold out a year in advance because it is the best implant course in the world in the best teaching facility in the world! Well, who doesn’t like a man with confidence!

So, did it live up to expectation? Well, yes. I must admit it did. I am happy to give praise where praise is due, and I was very impressed with the setup of the teaching facility and the content of the course and the skills on display by Istvan. There were some genuinely inspirational pieces of teaching that I could take away, although I also genuinely think there are some things, we do better here at Woodborough House with regards to our use of technology.

I had associated Budapest with its nefarious connection with some poor treatment outcomes that have occurred after dental tourism and felt it would be quite an industrial and gray city. But I must admit it is a crazy cool city. I particularly liked it at night when a lot of the fabulous buildings in Budapest are lit up rather spectacularly.

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