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We were happy to see one of our regular patients yesterday, as we have officially named him our “star pupil”. This man came to see us as a new patient at the end of 2009. He presented with poor oral hygiene,and sore, swollen, bleeding gums. He told us that,although he knows how to brush his teeth, he has never been shown by a professional how to brush and clean inter-dentally correctly. Sen took the time to discuss with him throughly the most effective way to brush and clean between his teeth. We gave him all the tools, and sent him of to play with them. We have seen the patient a few times since his first appointment, and what an approvement a few months make! His oral hygiene has improved dramatically and his periodontal status has improved. He has got a great routine now and he is sticking by it. His wife even told us, that he keeps floss and interdental brushes in his car! Thats dedictaion. He definitely is our star pupil ;-)

If you would like more information about oral hygiene, then please ask to talk to one of our dentists or hygienists. They will be more than happy to discuss things with you.

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