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Passing My Exam by Lo (Trainee Dental Nurse)

jay and lo exam pass

So you all know that both myself and Jay sat the written half of our dental nursing exam on Saturday 16th November 2013 and have eagerly been awaiting the results ever since! As always with exams, you have that little doubt that occasionally creeps forwards from the back of your mind that you may have failed…

We had been told in advance that we would receive our results at the latest by Monday 9th December (but it may be before then), so from about Thursday 5th we were both calling home at lunch time to see if they had come. Nothing Thursday, nothing Friday, then Saturday morning Jay got a message from her mum to say that she had post!! She was unsure whether to get her mum to open it or wait until she got home in case it was bad news. I assured her that we were all 100% sure that she would have passed. The news then came that she had passed the exam and was entered into the practical second half of the exam in January!

Upon Jay receiving her results I swiftly got in touch with my dad at home and asked if we had any post. Now lovely as it is living in the middle of nowhere, most of the time this does mean that we don’t receive post every day and Saturday was one of those days. Then Monday came and I was off work so I was awaiting the postman’s arrival. I waited and waited and he didn’t come so I thought I would go out for a bit. I got back in and the first thing I did was check the post after receiving more than one text message from work colleagues asking me if I passed. Sure enough there was the letter! I tore it open to see the words on the front ‘we are pleased’… Need I say any more – I had passed!!

We are now both due to sit the practical half of the dental nursing exam on Friday 31st January.  For now we will have a chance to relax over Christmas before the nerves build up for the next stage!

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