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One of the big problems, that we quite often see at WH, is patients suffering from decay on root surfaces. We saw one of our lovely patients today, who had this exact problem. The roots of our teeth are more susceptible to decay, as the root surface is much more softer than the enamel covering our teeth. As we age, (and that’s the one thing we all have in common) our gums may start to receed slightly. As the root of the tooth is exposed, plaque and tartar are much more likely to stick to this surface of the tooth. Without regular Hygiene appointments, this plaque and bacteria is hard to remove. Eventually this causes tooth decay. After cleaning the tooth surface, we managed to apply a filling material which releases fluoride. Fluoride is great for our little knashers, and will help reduce the rate of decay in our mouths. He left happy, but only agreed to come back for his dental exam if we agreed to run for his charity. 10k!! We might have to start training for next year.


If you have similar problems, or would like to speak to one of our dentists or hygienist about flouride then please let us know. We want to keep hold of tose pearly whites.

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