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After writing on our blog last week about tooth erosion, today we have been bombarded with patients suffering from tooth abrasion. The culprit for these small lesions are………….the humble toothbrush. We all like to give our teeth a good old scrub morning, noon and night, but this simple action with the toothbrush can cause the enamel on our teeth to wear away. The areas that are mainly affected by this action, is the neck of the tooth. This areas can be filled by the dentist using a white composite filling, but I can give you some simple tips to help stop this…..

Using a soft toothbrush is the first way of tackling the problem. The bristles on a toothbrush can be very hard on some toothbrushes and this can cause a great deal of damage to the tooth surface. For some patients, using an electric toothbrush is ideal, as you can let the brush do the work. The Phillips Sonicare range is great as the sonic action uses less of a “scrubbing” action. Another tip for you, when brushing, is to hold your toothbrush with just your thumb and index finger. This means you are not holding the toothbrush firmly, making the scrubbing action less hard and less forceful. A simple post it note on the bathroom mirror saying “Remember not to scrub!” can also encourage you to change habits, and the way you brush your teeth.

If you have any questions regarding tooth abrasion, or you would like any more advice on the matter, speak with our dentists, hygienists and nurses. They will be more than willing to help you

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