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Today has been a very busy day at the practice! Sen and Hayley have had one of their most favourite patients in. She originally came to see us for a dental check up. We then found out from her, that she was suffering with sore gums. After doing a thorough examination we discovered that she had severe gum disease. Sen discussed with her what periodontal disease was and how we can help her. Many people are unaware of what periodontal disease is, and how it may start, so it is essential to have these dental examinations to help prevent such disease starting.

Since then, she has been in a number of times to see us. Under local anaesthetic, we was able to dosome deep scaling. We took radiographs and photographs to help explain to our patient what was happening.  We gave her loads of oral health education and goodies such as tepes, floss and corsodyl, and she has been doing a fantastic job!! She really has come a long way since the day we originally saw her!! Woodborough House has kept her smiling.

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