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Smile, here’s one takeaway that won’t stain your teeth!


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Dull, yellow, discoloured teeth? Do you dream of sparkly white gnashers? Teeth whitening could be just the thing for you! Tooth whitening is a quick, non-evasive way of brightening your smile. After just 14 days teeth are an average of 2-3 shades lighter.

Here at Woodborough House we offer home bleaching for just £399, and the beauty is that you can whiten your teeth in the comfort and privacy of your own home. The procedure only requires two visits to the dentist; firstly to have a set of impressions taken in order to make the bleaching trays, and then a second demonstration appointment to show you how to bleach with your trays.

The trays themselves are lightweight, plastic moulds that the patient fills with a small amount of our bleach, and then inserts before they go to bed every night for two weeks. One of the advantages of home bleaching in this way is the level of control it gives the patient – if after a week you have achieved the level of whitening you require, you can stop bleaching and save the remaining bleach to top up at a later date. Alternatively, if you require even brighter pearly whites, then you can continue to bleach until the desired shade is achieved.

In some cases sensitivity may occur. If this happens, patients can use some of our desensitising gel on alternate nights to the bleach, or simply have a break for a few nights before resuming with bleaching. This is another advantage of home bleaching.

During the 14 day bleaching period, teeth are more porous, so we recommend that to achieve optimum results patients refrain from smoking, drinking black tea/coffee and red wine, eating particularly staining foods such as beetroot and curries. However, once bleaching is complete, a normal diet and lifestyle may be resumed.

At Woodborough House, we offer bleaching for suitable patients above the age of 17, so why not make an appointment today? One of our staff would love to help you to transform your smile in just 14 days.

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