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smile its only six months

Want a beautiful, bright smile in less than six months?

It may seem impossible, but it doesn’t have to be! Thanks to Six Month Smiles, a discrete clear fixed brace system, we can correct crooked front teeth quickly.

At Woodborough House, we offer Six Month Smiles as an alternative to metal braces. There are many advantages to using the Six Month Smiles system, including producing faster and more controlled tooth movements, which means treatment times are on average six months.

Six Month Smiles is more comfortable than traditional metal braces. Metal braces tend to extend further back into the mouth, resulting in more discomfort. This doesn’t happen with Six Month Smiles.

Why Six Month Smiles?

  • They’re clear – so no one will notice them
  • The wires are usually tooth coloured and very small
  • Treatment times are short – usually 4-9 months
  • Discomfort is minimal as the teeth gently become repositioned
  • The overall cost is generally less than traditional braces

The process of Six Month Smiles

Initially, you will go for an assessment appointment with your dentist to plan your treatment for the Six Month Smiles procedure.

Any consequences of wearing the brace will be explained to you, but this will depend on the case. After your assessment, impressions will be made to fabricate models of your teeth.

The braces will then be fitted by your dentist. After which you may need to go for a dental appointment on a regular basis in order to have the wires on the braces changed.

This is to ensure that you achieve the result you want. This process usually takes six months – hence the name.

Am I a good candidate for Six Month Smiles?

If you’re looking to fix minor corrections your front teeth, chances are you’ll make a good candidate for the Six Month Smiles procedure.

Crowded teeth, people who find themselves with gaps between their teeth, an overbite where the teeth overlap too much or front teeth sticking out may find that they are a good candidate for Six Month Smiles.

As are those with an underbite where the lower teeth stick out, crossbites where the teeth bite on the wrong side of each other, or openbites – where teeth do not meet when you bite.

When choosing to go for the Six Month Smile procedure, be sure to seek a Six Month Smile accredited dentist.

At Woodborough House you will be treated by a Six Month Smiles accredited dentist who can assess if this treatment is right for you.  To book an initial consultation or to find out more, give us a call on 0118 984 3108.

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