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The Wand

Woodborough House is committed to providing quality treatment for patients by using the latest technology.

If you are a nervous patient or just hate injections, why not find out how the Wand STA system will benefit you during dental treatment?

The Wand is a pain free way of applying local anaesthetic when being numbed before treatment.

The Wand STA System works by using a mechanical pump to administer the local anaesthetic very slowly. Although it may seem strange that you would want to be numbed slowly, the Wand has great benefits! The speed of an injection is normally the determining factor on how painful the injection actually is. By using the Wand STA System it allows the local anaesthetic to disperse gently into the area needed.

We all hate that numb feeling after visiting the dentist when your whole face is numb for a few hours. This is yet another benefit of the Wand STA system. You are probably wondering what the STA stands for and this is Single Tooth Anaesthesia. This means that the dentist is able to numb just the tooth/teeth that need to be numb. I know this is one of my favourite things about the Wand! This is particularly useful when you are having a small procedure done but still need to be numbed. You sometimes feel you were only in the chair a few minutes, yet you have to be numb for hours. No-one wants that if they can help it.

The Wand is also great if you are a nervous patient or if you just hate injections, because the Wand does not look like your average local anaesthetic syringe. It looks just like a fancy pen and can be made smaller if needed. The Wand’s computer system talks whilst the anaesthetic is being administered. This is just to inform the dentist that it is being used.

Some of our patients will already have come into contact with this fabulous piece of equipment including Cathy Hickey, our Treatment Co-ordinator here at the practice. I believe her words were “It’s fantastic, not painful at all and the best part is you can have a cup of tea straight after!”

As you can see, the Wand STA system is yet another brilliant piece of technology that we can provide for our patients in order to give them the most relaxed dental treatment possible.

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