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These 4 Surprising Things Will Give You Bad Breath

Many brands and products on the market claim that they can help get rid of your bad breath. But the best way to get rid of bad breath is to prevent it in the first place, right?

So, if you’re anxious or worried that your breath is beginning to smell not-so-fresh, here are some foods and diets that you might want to consider avoiding in the future. 

A High-Protein Diet

Although pretty good for weight loss or building muscle, a high protein diet could contribute to bad breath. Your tongue is a massive muscle with all kinds of areas for bacteria to fester on. Bacteria is often the cause of bad breath.

Although, when you eat a ton of protein all the time, the indentations and curves of your tongue make it easier for food particles in bacteria to sit there long after you’ve eaten. When protein and food debris particles are sitting there, it’s broken down by bacteria. 

In turn, when the bacteria break down these particles, it releases malodorous gasses. It’s these gasses that smell bad – they’re even sometimes compared to smelling like rotten eggs. Nice.

Citrus Fruits

The acidity of citrus fruits is what makes them prime culprits for causing bad breath. When you eat citrus fruit, the sugars that are broken down in your mouth are a haven for bacteria to leech onto.

Plus, acidity can lead to problems with your teeth like erosion, decay and even infection. Decay and infections are notorious for leaving a bad taste and smell in your mouth.

Acid Reflux

It’s pretty gross, but sufferers of chronic acid reflux are probably no strangers to struggling with bad breath too. Acid reflux occurs when your body works to digest foods, and they flow back up your oesophagus from the stomach.

It’s usually a result of having a relaxed lower oesophagal sphincter which acts as the barrier between your oesophagus and your stomach, stopping food from travelling back up. It’s not pleasant, but knowing it could be causing you more than a bit of heartburn could be the ticket to getting it seen by a professional.

Heavy Drinking

Drinking isn’t good for you. We know that. But, heavy alcohol can kill the good bacteria in your mouth that fights off all the harmful bacteria. That means – you guessed it – drinking can cause bad breath.

Drinking can also increase the risk of gum disease or gingivitis and cavities. Both of which carry bad breath as symptoms to look out for.

Getting Help With Bad Breath

If you think bad breath is a problem you might need some help with, contact Woodborough House today. You can book an appointment with our skilled hygiene team and, with no need for a referral, you can be seen even sooner.

An appointment with one of our hygienists will leave you with a 24-hour fresh feeling, so contact us now.