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We are all used to hearing people say how quickly time goes. I for one can’t believe how quickly time has gone…We are  in March already!!

2015 has been a busy year already, both at work and at home. I wanted 2015 to be the year where I was able to make some positive changes in my life so, I started with a rather large ‘bang’. As the New Year hit I had been thinking for a long time about how I could try to save some money to allow me to explore some new things, move out and see the world. After a couple of months of thought I decided the only way I could do this was to not have a horse in my life for a while.

When I broke the news to my mum that I was going to ‘give up’ horses for a while she was a little shocked but at the same time saw my point of view and supported me as she always does. I was a very hard decision to make but it will mean I am able to take up many other opportunities and explore things I wouldn’t have been able to had I still got a horse.

Selling my horse however, has left a big space in my life. It has filled my bank account a little more which is great for my saving plan, but I have so much spare time on my hands it feels very weird. I have been helping out a local lady that my dad works for with her horses. Her daughter is currently away at university so I have been helping with her stables and have had a couple of rides on her horses. This has been really nice as it keeps me in touch with the horses, especially as the evenings are getting lighter there is even more free time. I love being outside so anything to keep me out there as long as possible helps!!

Weekends are the strangest, I used to spend all my weekend time at the stables mucking around with the horse and now it’s just gone! We have 2 puppies, both of them are Lhasa Apso’s, one is now nearly 2 his name is Harry, and the other has just turned 1 years old she is called Sophie. Both of them are very playful and love to have attention however they can be a little on the stubborn side and they really do give you puppy dog eyes. Both I and my mum have decided that as I have more time on my hands we will really make an effort to do some more training with them. They are very good in most aspects some things just need a little refining.






I have found food motivation to work wonders, especially for Harry and clicker training is also coming along nicely too. My cousin is getting married in August and we are taking the dogs down to wales for the wedding our aim is to have very well rounded puppies by this time. We are also paying a visit to Crufts dog show in a couple of weeks’ time to buy them some presents and pretty bows for their hair, as you can see from the photos they can’t see without a hair tie.

So as I continue with my plan of saving money I have found some things to fill my time up with 2015 seems to be going according to plan so far…let’s hope it keeps going this into the summer months .


Thanks for reading,

Lo x

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