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Next month Nick Fahey will be attending an innovating course in Italy at the renowned Degidi Dental Clinic on the WeldOne concept and the Conometry Concept for delivering teeth-in-a-day. On completing the course Nick will have the skills to electrically weld prosthesis and conometric prosthesis. Although this sounds a little bit scary, it is not.

In short, this concept will enable patients to have dental implants placed in just one day without having to compromise on the quality of the new teeth that they will leave with. This because we can make on the day a very strong welded Titanium substructure that can be used by the technician to make beautiful “fixed” teeth. This is a big advance on just retrofitting a patients existing denture. What’s more, by significantly reducing the time of the procedure and minimizing appointments, the WeldOne concept has become one of the most cost effective ways of having dental implant restorations made for the popular teeth-in-a-day treatment.

If you are looking to transform your troubled smile for an occasion or just want to regain confidence in your everyday life by replacing your denture of failing teeth, this pioneering concept will ensure that you can do so in a quick and cost effective way, but most importantly, the end result will be of outstanding quality.

5 reasons to consider WeldOne:

•    Transform your smile in just 1 day
•    Less appointments with your dentist
•    Extremely cost effective
•    Less risk of fractures of the implant supported teeth
•    Less risk of implant failure

Stay tuned for the introduction of this pioneering technique!

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