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What Does a Hygienist Do?

Our patients don’t just visit us when there is a problem; often we see them in our reception room with a cup of coffee waiting to see one of our brilliant hygienists! Dental hygienists are specially trained over three years culminating in a degree recognised by the General Dental Council. This advanced level of training allows them to advise on all aspects of oral health and to perform preventative procedures designed to reduce risk of gum disease and, of course, to keep your teeth in the best possible condition.

So what can you expect from an appointment with one of our hygienists?

  1. Your hygienist will ask you about your medical history.
  2. Check the appearance of gums to ensure there is no presentation of disease, for example bleeding or plaque deposits.
  3. Remove hard calculus and stains by scaling the teeth (a deep clean!)
  4. Polish your teeth for super shine.
  5. Show you any techniques or refinements you could add to your cleaning routine to ensure you can maintain your smile at home.
  6. Some of our hygienists are able to offer tooth whitening so you can also ask them about what they can do for you!

Appointments can last anywhere between 30-60 minutes and we recommend seeing your hygienist once every six months to maintain healthy gums. Don’t forget your hygienist can also help you by offering tips to stop smoking and address any concerns you might have about your breath!

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