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What To Expect From Your First Visit

Sometimes it can be daunting visiting a new practice, especially when you’re not quite sure what to expect so we thought we would give you a little guide as to what to expect when  you are visiting us for the first time.

The first people you will meet when you walk through the doors at Woodborough House will be our wonderful reception team who will check you in and give you a medical history form to fill out. They will also offer you a hot drink which is made using our extremely fancy and popular professional coffee machine. You can then enjoy your drink in the comfort of our reception room where we have a variety of reading material on offer.

When we are ready for you one of our nurses will come and bring you from the reception room to the dentist surgery where you will meet one of our wonderful dentists.

Once the dentist has finished their check they will give you an overview of your oral health and let you know of any work that they would recommend, they will also give options as to how to solve any issues that they have spotted.

Following your consultation you will be able to go back downstairs enjoy another hot drink if you would like or you can book your next appointment with our reception team. If you have any questions on treatments or any worries or concerns then you can always speak to Cathy our Treatment Coordinator who is highly experienced and also brilliantly warm and welcoming.

That’s that – simple! We want you to feel absolutely welcomed when you visit Woodborough House and also to feel completely comfortable. We offer a number of options that can make you feel at ease on future visits, from painless injections to a warm blanket to make you feel secure.

Sarah is specially trained for those patients who might be more nervous than others and we can also offer sedation to those who might find it easier to cope with any procedures. We hope this helps give you an idea of the treatment you can expect to receive with us. We look forward to meeting you!

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