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Here at Woodborough House, we have some of the most cutting edge technology in dentistry, including an iTero scanner. Not many practices in the UK have an iTero scanner. So, what’s all the fuss about?

iTero technology is a super advanced, revolutionary technique that allows us to create dental impressions. Rather than using dental trays or physical moulds to create your new smile, an iTero scanner takes images to render a 3D version of it.

iTero scanners also eliminate the need for a second appointment, so there’s no more waiting for your impressions to come back from a lab. With iTero, you can see your new smile instantly before treatment has even begun.

Old vs New

Why is the iTero scanner so revolutionary? The traditional way – still used by many dentists – to create an impression of your teeth is you use putty to make a mould of the positioning and angles of your smile.

The problem with using putty is that accuracy isn’t guaranteed. Your bite could be represented slightly differently when using putty. The accuracy of an impression is vital to be able to get the best results.

With the iTero technology, scans are super accurate, and with such efficient accuracy comes remarkable results. Plus, the iTero scanner can be used for multiple treatments from dentures to aligners – anything that requires an impression can benefit from an iTero scanner.

How Do iTero Scanners Work?

Created by Cadent, iTero uses a high tech scanning system to generate a replica of your mouth. The device can then take measurements from these images, and clinical dental technicians can use those measurements to manufacture your new smile. 

Whatever the dental device needs creating, clinical dental technicians can accurately and quickly create them in a lab with ultra efficiency. That means iTero doesn’t just help create great results but also streamlines the workflow allowing for faster treatment.

Why Doesn’t Everyone Use iTero Scanners?

iTero has taken the USA by storm and has only recently started making its way over to the UK. For now, limited surgeries in the country are using iTero. 

More and more dentists are clocking onto iTero technology as it’s cost-effective for them and the patient with perfect results the first time – every time. 

How Can I Get Treatment With iTero?

There are so many benefits of having treatment that uses iTero technology. It’s hard not to want to experience treatment any other way. Thankfully, iTero technology is right here in Reading.

If you want to benefit from iTero technology during your next treatment, call our team in Reading today and start your journey with iTero.

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