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So its the big night tonight! Who will be winning your votes? I have been talking to all our patients regarding the election, trying to find out who they are voting for, and I am still not sure. I suppose I need to decide by the end of the day. I will be told off by some very passionate patients if I don’t! Can they change the state of the economy? Will they sort out all of our countries problems? I don’t know.

I tell you one thing that has got my vote at the moment (excuse my very cheesy link) is our home bleaching kit. We have had a few patients in recently for their review appointments, after going off with their bleach trays and kits, and the results have been amazing!! Its such a great thing to do to lift yourself, and all our patients just won’t stop smiling because of it. We have even had a few of our more mature patients treating themselves to whitening too, and have been so glad that went ahead with the treatment. Our home whitening kit involves you coming into the surgery so your dentist can check if you will be a good candidate for the whitening (we need to check for crowns and fillings as they will not change colour). You have impressions taken of your upper and lower teeth, these are then sent of to a lab where they make your bespoke bleach trays made, and then 2 weeks later you come and pick them up. Its very easy to do, and the girls here are always a phone call away whenever you need any advice or help. We have all done it. As Sarah said to me when I first started “we must whitening your minging teeth”. Thanks Sarah! Well now I have a nice bright smile :-)

If you are interested in home whitening, then please talk to your dentist or a member of our team.

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