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Resolutions are being planned left-right and centre this time of year, and one, in particular, could result in a healthier-looking smile. 

If you’re considering embarking on Dry January, you can expect to reap more benefits than you may have initially planned for.

It’s a given that alcohol is pretty bad for us on the whole. Yet, not a lot of people are aware that it’s awful for your teeth too. 


Enamel is the protective, white layer on our teeth. It’s also the most challenging thing in our entire body. 

However, when exposed to sugar and acidity, enamel softens, and it’s protective properties weaken.

The more alcohol you drink, the more likely you are to gain plaque which, when left, can lead to further dental problems like tooth decay or gum disease.


Your teeth need you to be hydrated to fight off potentially harmful bacteria. When you’re hydrated, you produce saliva, which helps wash away the harmful bacteria that could be lurking in your mouth well after drinking. 

Stay hydrated to help keep your teeth clean by sipping water in between alcoholic beverages – especially carbonated or ones with high alcohol volume. 


Speaking of fizzy drinks, did you know that it’s not just the sugar in them that’s harmful to your teeth?

Staining occurs in your mouth. Of course, you’re not expected to brush your teeth in between every glass, but you could sip water throughout the day, which is just as beneficial in helping wash away harmful bacteria. 

Go For Clarity

Most of the time, the clearer your drink, the better it is for your teeth. For example, gin and vodka can be a better option than a drink mixed with coca-cola.

Choosing white wine over red can have its advantages for your teeth too. While both are reasonably acidic, red wine is more likely to stain your teeth. 

Even better, clear sodas like tonic water or sparkling water can be the go-to option if you’re craving something fizzy during dry January.

Your Body Will Thank You

Your teeth aren’t the only thing that will benefit your alcohol-free January. You’ll find that you can sleep better and you’ll save money. For more expert advice on how to look after your teeth, visit

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