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Wibbly Wobbly

Sarah and Laura sorted out one man’s problem today…………………….his wobbly tooth. He is a regular attender at the practice, and for some time this tooth has been giving him grief!! The patient finds cleaning his back teeth extremely difficult, as his manual dexterity is limited. The tooth was also causing him discomfort in his bite. It was just getting in the way! Sarah advised using an electric toothbrush as this makes cleaning those hard to reach areas easier. Due to bone loss around the tooth, the tooth eventually became so mobile that the patient decided to have the tooth extracted. Now, many of you may know, that Sarah does not like extractions one little bit! But, despite this, in order to make sure this patient was comfortable she went ahead with the task. There was smiles, from both, when they came downstairs, so all went well. He may be one tooth down but he still gave thumbs up 😉

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