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Lo had a few days off recently and on one of those days she attended a day course with her horse Ru. Lo has a passion for horses and in particular ‘Natural Horsemanship’. The course was at a Place called the JRFS just outside of Devizes in Wiltshire. Here is what she has told us about her day out!

 me and Ru

I am always looking for a way to improve myself outside of work as well as in work and having spent a couple of days at the JRFS last summer with another horse, I had always planned to go back and spend some more time there. Everyone is so friendly and the atmosphere is great everyone is there for the same thing, horses and learning.

I decided that as I had booked some time off work but wasn’t planning on going away on holiday I would take this opportunity to book a day out. I have been following a Natural Horsemanship programme with my horse Ru since I brought him in 2008 as a little 3month old foal, he is now nearly 5 and a whole lot bigger!! We have progressed a lot in the last couple of years and I have lessons as often as possible but there was just a couple of things that weren’t quite coming together and with a goal of reaching level 3 of my programme by October i decided that the JRFS would be the perfect place to help me .

Everything was arranged and now it was just dependent on the weather….i was hoping for dry but no rain. The day turned out to be fantastic, it was very hot but the sun was shining and I got to meet some new people watch them with their horses (watching is great!!! learn so much from it!!!) my lesson in the afternoon lasted a few hours and we worked on the things that I needed help with and also some new things that I had never done, which was fab!!

We left quite late in the evening and didn’t return home until around 10pm after a 5.30am start so it was a long day but all worth it. I have lots of things to work with and with the lovely weather we are having at the moment and long evenings it gives me a lot of time to spend with my horse! Hopefully next year if I can save enough pennies I will be going back next year for a whole week!!


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