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It happens every year, but never fails to surprise us – Christmas has once again passed in a flash! That can only mean one thing, it’s time to wish everyone a very Happy New Year (at what point in January do we stop doing that?) and ask the inevitable questions about un-keep-able resolutions and the like.

Apparently the 12th January is the date we are most likely to break our well-intended new year’s resolutions, which frankly, is longer than we usually last with our pledges of dieting, quitting the booze and ditching social media. The problem with these types of aspirations is they’re all negative – they focus on depriving ourselves of things we enjoy, which is a tactic ultimately doomed to failure.

This year, we say let’s flip things on their head. Rather than setting ourselves numerous ‘I will not’ type resolutions, we’re going to make one big ‘I WILL’ pledge that signifies an investment in ourselves, rather than yet another punishment. There are so many things we’d love to do, but never get around to, whether because of time or cost, or life just getting in the way, so let’s make 2019 the year we make at least one of them happen!

So whether it’s booking that once-in-a-lifetime safari holiday, enrolling on that evening course you’ve always wanted to do, or even finally taking the plunge and getting a brace, or that missing tooth replaced, let’s get on and send that enquiry or make that booking. Because unlike traditional resolutions, once you’ve started there’s no way you’ll want to stop!

We’d love to hear about your pledge for the year – why not let us know what you’re going to make happen in the comments below.

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