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If you have been diagnosed with jawbone deterioration or weak sinuses, you may have been told you’re not a suitable candidate for implant treatment.

But don’t give hope just yet.

Our implantology team, led by specialist prosthodontist Dr Nick Fahey, offers bone and sinus grafting.

These advanced procedures restore compromised areas of the mouth and jaw, allowing you to experience the life-changing benefits of dental implants.

In many cases, we can carry out bone or sinus grafting in the same procedure as implant placement.


Bone Grafting

Factors like periodontal disease, tooth loss and trauma can cause the jaw bone to lose density and become too weak to accept implants.

With bone grafting, we attach a small sample of synthetic or donor bone to the implant site. Over time, this fuses with the bone to strengthen the jaw and stimulate regeneration.

Once healed, the treated area will be strong enough to support implants.


Sinus Grafting

We use sinus grafts exclusively for implants in the upper jaw, usually when the loss of teeth has weakened the sinus wall where implants are placed.

With sinus grafting – often called a sinus lift – we use a small piece of donor bone to reinforce the thin sinus wall and promote regeneration.

The procedure gives patients with weakened sinuses an excellent outlook for long-term success with upper jaw implants.


Bone & Sinus Grafting Expertise

Our implant team combines the expertise of registered implant specialist Dr Nick Fahey and dual-qualified dental and medical doctorate-holder Dr Guy Mclellan.

They are supported by a suite of next-generation dental and surgical technology featuring 3D smile design, CBCT scanners, computer-guided placement systems and more.

Together they’ve earned a reputation for creating some of the most outstanding smile rehabilitations to be found, including hundreds of successful advanced zygoma treatments.

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