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1. Straightening

Dental braces are most commonly associated with teenagers, however they can be used to correct misaligned teeth at any age and are becoming increasingly popular with adults. There are so many options available now that are less invasive and less visible than traditional fixed braces, which many adults find more appealing.

At Woodborough House we offer Invisalign, Quick Straight Teeth and Inman Aligner.

2. Whitening

Whitening is one of the quickest ways to improve the look of your smile, making teeth several shades brighter in a matter of days. Whitening is safe, easy and effective and can either be carried out in the practice or the comfort of your own home.

Find out more about the different whitening options available at Woodborough House.

3. Composite Bonding

For some people, teeth whitening alone cannot resurrect a beautiful smile. In these cases we would recommend composite bonding. Using the latest dental bonding techniques, we can professionally repair slight cracks and chips or conceal troublesome stains, by coating the teeth with a thin layer of composite resin, carefully colour-matched to the natural hue of your teeth. The results are similar to enhancements achieved by porcelain and ceramic veneers, but the treatment is minimally invasive and cost-effective.

4. Veneers

If you are in search of a completely flawless smile, you may want to consider veneers. Veneers are ultra-thin sheets of laminated porcelain which are shaped to fit onto your natural teeth to repair damaged, crooked or discoloured teeth.

We offer a range of different porcelain veneers at Woodborough House, including Da Vinci porcelain veneers™, Cerinate® Lumineers ™ and Macveneers™. We would work with you to assess the best option for your needs during your initial consultation.

5. Dental Implants

Dental implants are probably the most significant advance in dentistry since the invention of the high speed dental turbine (drill). They were initially designed to help people who wore full dentures but struggled with some of the issues associated with false teeth. Today they are used as a permanent solution to missing teeth, whether it is a single tooth, or multiple teeth.

Dental implants are titanium anchors that are fused with the jaw bone, replicating the natural root structure of a tooth and providing a fit that is very secure and natural looking. For most of our patients, dental implants will last a lifetime and provide relief from the noticeable signs of aging associated with premature tooth loss. They also preserve the adjacent bone and gum tissue, which can often be worn down by conventional dentures and bridgework.

Find out more about dental implants and how the treatment is carried out at Woodborough House.

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