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A pain in the head

Wisdom Teeth………… for some of us they cause us no problems at all, for others they can be a real pain in the head (sorry. I had to get a joke in some where). I know, like many people, how painful and uncomfortable wisdom teeth can be if they become inflamed and infected. My advice to any one suffering with sore wisdom teeth…… get it looked at straight away! I had a lower wisdom tooth which was impacted against my other molar tooth and all it gave me was problems. There was absolutely no way I could keep it as clean as possible, and eventually it became infected. I felt so ill. It was a case of extraction. Nick dealt with it swiftly, and after a couple of days, I felt back to normal. The thought of having a tooth out, admittedly did not fill me with joy, but it was much better than having infection in my mouth and I felt heaps better.

If you are suffering from wisdom tooth pain or would like advice then speak with your dentist. We want to make sure all our patients are healthy 😉

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