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And now we introduce Teeth-in-a-day Implants in Berkshire

Wood borough House dental practice has always been in the forefront to adapt latest advancement in dentistry for the benefit of the patients. Introduction I-Tero technology was a soaring success and now the latest one is Teeth-in-a-day. First time ever in Reading – Berkshire we are offering this revolutionary technique for dental implants.

Implant therapy can usually take up to six months and at times it could be painful also. Here Teeth in a day can help as this method that allows you to be fitted with implants and receive the teeth in just one day without the use of   the traditional bone grafting. This method gives quick solution to tooth loss, ill-fitting dentures thereby offering true alternative to traditional implants.

Many people who have been told that they were not suitable for implants can be successfully treated utilising this method.

As restorative dentist and the oral surgeon work together on patients rather than carrying out separate parts of the process at different times. Not only does this cut down the time that you have to spend undergoing treatment, but it also means that you can enjoy a more precise implant placement. At Woodborough House Dental Practice, we are always searching for treatments that can improve patient care and procedure duration. We are sure Teeth-in-a day would help us to further strengthen our commitment to the patients; a confident smile

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