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It was all about air abrasion today in Sarah’s surgery! Me and Sarah saw a lovely young man, who comes to see us regularly here at WH. Like me, he is quite geeky about all our dental materials and treatments, so he was more than pleased when we told him we were going to use our air abrasion unit on his tooth. This patient had deminiralisation on a molar tooth which needed to be filled. Deminralisation weakens the tooth enamel and it is essential to fill the tooth as it can lead to destruction of the tooth tissue.

This air abrasion gizmo is awesome! Not only does it mean that the dentist does not have to use that high pitched, awful sounding, high speed drill, but it also means that we don’t always have to use anesthetic. No needles!!  We all would like a bit of that. It is great to use on kids, as drilling and needles can be quite traumatic for them, but its also fab for our older patients. You can actually go home without slurping your dinner through a straw. No more numb lips.

Well, our patient was extremely pleased with this, and after a few blasts, we were able to put a white composite filling in the tooth. As Gorden Ramsey would say………Job done!

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