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Protect those knashers!

The kids are back to school (hooray!!) and we are all back to our daily routines. Today Nae has […]

Over and Out

We are all feeling very festive and giddy in Pangbourne today as it is nearly Christmas. Like everyone, […]

Come rain, wind or very deep snow

Well, like everybody across the county the weather caused complete chaos last night. Widge had to leave her car […]

“All I want for Christmas is my front teeth”

We have made one of our 17 year old patients happy this week, by giving him a new […]

All Sealed Up!

It has been a busy Saturday morning today at the practice. We have had all the kids in […]

Bon Voyage!

We all waved goodbye and farewell to Sarah and Nick as they fly off to Australia to visit […]

Root Canal Crazy!!

Today at the practice, we have been bombarded with tooth aches! It always seems to be around this […]

A Big Hello from Overseas

We have received an email from our kiwi nurse Steph, telling us all about her time and travels […]

Reminding You

Today the girls on reception are busy sending out reminders for our patients dental check ups. We decided […]

Twinkle Twinkle Woodborough House

Today at the practice it’s all hands on deck!! We are preparing for the village Christmas Evening, and […]

A White Christmas

Well, who said you can’t have a white Christmas? One of our lovely patients from Pangbourne walked through the […]

She’s come a long way!

Today has been a very busy day at the practice! Sen and Hayley have had one of their most […]

You’ve Waited Long Enough

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