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Once annually in order to be CQC (Care and Quality Commission) compliant we have to undergo medical emergency drugs training and also CPR training

Having had training for the medical emergency drugs back in February. On the afternoon of Wednesday 15th April 2015 we closed the practice for our CPR training. We had a lovely trainer named Craig come to teach us, he is very experienced with CPR training having spent several years working in emergency response. It was great to have someone with experience as it makes the training more engaging for people that are trying to take in such a massive amount of information in 2 hours.

We went through some of the standards which the GDC (General Dental Council) and CQC set for Dental Professionals and how to safely assess the situation before commencing CPR.

We then put our theory to practice, with the help of some lovely resuscitation dummies and the assistance of Craig our trainer. Everyone took it in turns to give both chest compressions and practice ventilating a potential patient. We practiced on scenarios with both children and adults.

In amongst everything else we also practiced using a defibrillator this was a little scary but when you hear the statistics about how a defibrillator if used promptly and properly can improve chances of a patient’s survival in a life threatening situation by 70% or more, it soon takes away the scariness about it, they really are life savers.

All in all it was a great afternoon, it was good to realise how much you already knew and also learn things that you didn’t. Hopefully we never have to be in a situation that requires CPR and the use of a defibrillator but now the team here at Woodborough House would be fully prepared if these circumstances did occur.

Here are Jay and Kirsten showing us how it should be done.


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