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If your current dentures are old or no longer fit properly, but you are happy with how they look, the ‘copy denture technique’ can be a really useful tool. Dr Rupert Monkhouse explains how this approach enables us to create new dentures that closely resemble your existing ones while addressing any existing issues or problems. 

If your current dentures are old or no longer fit properly, but you are satisfied with their overall appearance, this technique can help to replicate the good elements of the denture. Copy dentures are designed to closely resemble your previous dentures in terms of appearance and sensation. However, the key difference lies in the improved fit and restored occlusion, ensuring that the dimensions align correctly for enhanced comfort and functionality.

A complete denture can be duplicated with a conventional or digital method.

Conventional Copy Dentures

We are able to make a model of a patient’s old dentures by taking an impression and making adjustments for an improved fit and effect and use this to make a copy. The impression is made of acrylic and wax and is tried by the patient before it is sent to the lab and actually made. 

Not only does the dentist and the technician have more information to work with, it also makes the process more efficient.

Above is a recent case we have completed where the patient liked the look of the teeth but the dentures had become loose, you can see how closely the shape of the teeth has been replicated.

With this conventional copy denture the final denture is made in a traditional manner so we still get a beautiful result. 

Digital Copy Dentures

As always at Woodborough house we invest in the latest technology and this includes access to scanners that allow us to make digital copy dentures. This makes the process even more efficient. The dentures can have an impression taken and this is then scanned and the scan is sent to the lab. The patient can then try on the new denture at the next visit.

This is a very exciting area of dentistry which is developing quickly and Dr Rupert Monkhouse was fortunate to lecture at the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry conference last year. He is  also in the process of developing a course to teach this new method to dentists across the UK. 

The digital process also allows us to do other exciting things, we can easily make a spare denture whilst making the first set and they will be as close to identical as possible, whereas previously the spare would have been handmade by the technician so there would always be differences. 

We also have the possibility to scan in your current dentures and save the scans on file, so if you were to ever damage or lose your dentures we could quickly make a new pair without you even needing to come in first! 

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