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Foods to LoveMilk

There can be no great surprise that milk provides an excellent source of calcium and vitamin D for your teeth. The body needs vitamin D to help absorb calcium so a combination of the two in one food source is pretty darn impressive.


Another obvious but stellar choice is cheese. Filled with calcium and lots of lovely phosphates cheese can replenish your mineral stores and ensure that your teeth are in tip top condition.

Dark Leafy Vegetables & Crunchy Vegetables

Vegetables, particularly those with a lot of fibre do wonders for your oral health. Rich in minerals, they also encourage your mouth to produce saliva which acts as a natural defence against acids and tooth attacking enzymes.

Fatty Fish

Phosphorous is a great friend to tremendous teeth and can be found in significant quantities in fatty fish such as salmon, tuna, trout and mackerel.



Citrus Fruits

Ah citrus fruits, included in this group of tooth terrors are lemons, grapefruits, oranges and limes. The acid in all of these tangy treats is enough to cause tooth decay and erosion of precious enamel. So unfortunately a refreshing glass of cold orange juice is probably not the best choice if you want to look after your teeth – great for Vitamin C though!

Coffee & Wine

We all know it to be true but it doesn’t make it any easier, coffee is a vessel for the mighty tannic acids which wear down enamel and often stain teeth. Wine too contains tannic acid, and red wine in particular can stain teeth.

Pickled Foods

Vinegar is, sadly, a perfect storm of acid and sugar and so is not brilliant for your enamel. Fortunately we don’t know anyone who indulges in pickled goods on a daily basis, so we think this is a treat you can indulge in in moderation.

Dried Fruit

Dried fruits are stripped of water leaving a whole lot of sugar behind and because they seem so much smaller you tend to eat more. We have often told ourselves that dried fruit is just as healthy as fresh, but in reality it’s not.

Fizzy Drinks & Sweets

So we think that in moderation you might be able to get away with wine and coffee as they do have a few health benefits attached to them, fizzy drinks and sweets not so much. Sugar, acidity and carbonated fizz is a pretty horrible combination for our teeth and unfortunately there are no other health benefits that might balance out all the negatives.

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