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Football and Flossing

After a football update and gossip, me and Sen continued our hard work deep scaling and root planing one of our patients we have been seeing for several weeks now. He is a smoker, and his oral health was not the best when we first saw him. He was suffering from gum disease, and his cleaning was not as thorough as it could be (mainly because he has never been taught or shown how to clean and floss properly). Sen gave him some tips and hints in regards to flossing, brushing, and interdental cleaning for when he was at home, and after a few weeks we really did see the diffrence. He has been doing a fantastic job at home, and he is now really motivated about keeping his teeth and gums healthy. We look forward to seeing him again for more football chat and progress.

If you have any queries regarding gum disease, or would like to visit one of our hygienists for oral health education, then please contact us at the practice. We want to keep you smiling 🙂

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