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Getting braces at 24

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Leah has been a receptionist at Woodborough House for 4 years and is a very valued member of our team. She has been thinking about getting braces for some time, and month ago took the plunge and has not looked back! Read her blog on her experience so far…


I’ve always ummed and arred about getting my teeth corrected. Since I was younger I’ve had a space between my upper central teeth (two big teeth at the front) and the smaller teeth next to them (lateral teeth) are peg laterals which means they are pointy and not the size they are meant to be.

When I was younger I was quite conscious about the pointy teeth as it looked like I had quite a few spaces in between my upper teeth. When I was 16, I decided to have them built up with a tooth coloured filling material to make them look a bit more like ‘normal’ sized lateral teeth. I’ve had them ever since and I’m now 24 years old I’m looking for a more permanent solution.

So decided to bite the bullet and get fixed braces on my upper and lower teeth. I’m having my treatment at Park Lane Orthodontics, in Tilehurst, Reading and I’m amazed at how much my teeth have already moved.

I’ve been advised that my treatment will take approximately a year to complete and then I will have veneers placed on my upper centrals and laterals by Dr Nick Fahey at Woodborough House.

I had the braces fitted about a month ago and I must say it felt very weird when they were first put on. I felt like I was speaking funny but everyone reassured me that I wasn’t and it was just going to take a little while to get used to.

I’m not going to lie and say it didn’t hurt a few days after they were put on, but I expected that, as that’s what I was told. I had quite a few ulcers as well because of the braces rubbing against my gum but I was given wax to put on the brackets to help with this.

A month down the line and I am still getting used to them, but feeling a lot better about it now. The ulcers have pretty much cleared up and I’m already noticing a great difference in my teeth. My next appointment at Park Lane is to have them tightened, so we’ll see how that goes but I’m already looking forward to the final result!

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