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Whanau is a Maori-language word for extended family, now increasingly entering New Zealand English (taken from Wikipedia), and so, what better way to pay homage to practice owners Nick and Sarah who both originally hail from New Zealand?

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Staff name: Leah Kempson

Nick name: I haven’t got one

Position: Receptionist

Woodborough House Start Date: May 2012

Secondary School: Denefield

Partner/children: Nope

Have you had any dental treatment at the practice? If so, what? I have had whitening, some fillings, root canal treatment and a crown. L’ren also does my hygiene for me.

Favourite thing about working at Woodborough House: The team! Everyone gets along so well and always willing to help each other out J

Favourite band: One Direction

Interesting hobby: It’s not really interesting but I like going to the gym!

Do you live with anyone? Mum, dad, sister and two dogs!

Eastenders or Emmerdale? Eastenders

Do you have any pets? Yes two dogs. They are cross between a lhasa apso and a poodle

Favourite part of the UK: Bournemouth

Desert Island Essential: Probably my phone!

Sweet or savoury? Definitely savoury

What’s your bedtime? Around 10.30pm

Ever had an injury that resulted in a hospital visit? Yes. I shut my finger in a fire exit door when I was younger!

Favourite film? I love Pearl Harbour

Perfect Holiday: Somewhere abroad where I can just sit in the sun and do nothing!

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