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Welcome to our new feature ‘The Woodborough Whanau!

Whanau is a Maori-language word for extended family, now increasingly entering New Zealand English (taken from Wikipedia), and so, what better way to pay homage to practice owners Nick and Sarah who both originally hail from New Zealand?

Today, Dental Nurse Leolie gives us an insight to who she is, what she loves to do and why she loves working at Woodborough House!

Staff name: Leolie Leaver

Nick name: Lo

Position: Registered Dental Nurse

Year you qualified: January 2014

Woodborough House Start Date: August 2012

Secondary School: The Downs School, Compton, West Berkshire

Other Qualifications: I have a self-assessed Level 2 in Parelli Natural Horsemanship.

Partner/children: No

Have you had any dental treatment at the practice? If so, what? Yes I have has a couple of fillings done with Sen and L’ren sorts my hygiene for me.

Favourite thing about working at Woodborough House: The team works well together which makes everything run smoothly

Dental goals for the year: Hopefully to pass my Dental Radiography Exam

Favourite band: I love music and have many favourite bands, but some of my favourites are Muse, Imagine Dragons and Sigma.

Interesting hobby: I have a love for horse riding and have previously owned my own horse, but I also love dogs and enjoy dog showing and dog agility.

Do you live with anyone? I live at home with both parents, my 2 younger sisters and a younger brother. A real house full.

Eastenders or Emmerdale? Neither, I tend to be more of a CSI kind of girl.

Perfect job? I would love to work breed and train dogs however I thing that is a long term goal!

Do you have any pets? Where do I start…11 rabbits, 3dogs, 4guinea pigs, chickens and a marine fish tank.

Favourite part of the UK: I love the seaside and my favourite places are the west coast of Wales and also the north coast of Cornwall.

Desert Island Essential: Music! I would go mad if I was in silence all the time

Sweet or savoury? Sweet, sweet cinema popcorn being the best!

What’s your bedtime? It varies, usually around 10- ish, I am a morning person and don’t like to waste the day.

Ever had an injury that resulted in a hospital visit? A couple of broken bones, once I fell off a swing slide at a park when I was 6 years old and broke my ankle. The second was falling off my mums horse when I was 15 years old, I broke my finger and had to have pins…Ouch!

Favourite film? I do like a good movie but my favourite is definitely Snatch.

Perfect Holiday: I would like to be active too many days of sun bathing gets boring, so a sunny holiday with some walking and adventuring would be ideal.

What word would people use to describe you? Loud, I am always talking, it drives my family insane.


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