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Is toothache driving you crazy?

is toothache driving you crazy

If you are suffering with a pain in your tooth, such as sensitivity, especially when it’s exposed to hot or cold things, this can mean that you need a filling, a root has been exposed, or that you need root canal treatment.

A toothache involves pain around the teeth and jaw that is normally caused by dental problems such as tooth decay.  Some of the symptoms of toothache include increased pain when chewing, bleeding around the teeth and gums, swelling around the tooth and of the jaw.

How toothache happens

Dental decay can destroy the outermost layer of the tooth which is known as the enamel.  If this hard outer layer and the dentin tissue beneath it is exposed, your tooth is vulnerable to be sensitive.  The inside of a tooth is made of soft, spongy tissue called dental pulp, which contains sensitive nerves and blood vessels.  If this becomes inflamed, then I can result in a fracture in the tooth, or an infection, which causes toothache. An abcess or ulcer on your gums or wisdom teeth can also be the reason for mouth pain.

If the pain is in your jaw, then this could be linked to either a wisdom tooth or TMJ – temporomandibular joint.  This can be the cause of clicking, grinding or pain in your jaw joints, as well as ringing or buzzing in your ears and difficulty in opening or closing your mouth as a result of your teeth not meting together properly.

How to ease the pain

Every toothache should be looked at by a dentist who can provide a professional analysis. Every case of toothache is different and it’s better to be safe than sorry as pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is wrong.

There are certain things which you can do to alleviate pain at home, before you get to the dentist. For example you can use sensitive toothpaste or take painkillers to ease the pain, the best of which are ibuprofen or codeine.

If you have pain in a tooth which has already been filled, then this can be just a tooth settling down, or a bite which needs adjusting. If the filling was very deep then this can mean that a root canal is needed.

If you’re having problems with toothache and need to see a dentist as soon as possible, please call our practice on 0118 321 9472 where our friendly team will be happy to help.

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