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Christmas is on its way, and although it will be a different Christmas to the one we’re used to this year, it’s still just as important to look after your teeth.

Here at Woodborough House, we’re inundated with patients after the holidays. Sometimes, it’s because there hasn’t been enough attention to looking after their teeth. 

We’re not trying to spoil anyone’s festive fun. But, it’s so important to follow professional advice on looking after your teeth to avoid those emergency appointments in 2021.

Avoid Grazing

Everyone lets go over Christmas. But sticking to small meals throughout the day is what your teeth prefer. Snacking on sugary – or even non-sugary – things throughout the day wreaks havoc on your teeth. 

Not watching what you consume is all part of the freedom of the festive season, but you shouldn’t be risking your oral health for the sake of an extra snack. 

If you must snack – we recommend against it – opt for something less sugary. If you’re hungry, have a small meal. Small meals throughout the day are much better for your teeth as you’re more likely to have something more nutritious than a sugary snack.

Don’t Call A Wrap On Your Teeth

Wrapping presents. Some love it; some hate it. 

Your teeth aren’t made of steel. So, when wrapping presents, use scissors to cut your tape, not your teeth. 

Teeth are so easily cracked when you chomp down on something as light as a pen lid. So, why use them for anything other than eating?

Too many of us turn to our teeth as a quick alternative open something or tear something. The fact is, the damage that you can potentially cause isn’t so much of a quick fix.

Festive Fizz

If you care about your teeth, put down the prosecco. Carbonated, sugary drinks like soft drinks and prosecco are a go-to in the festive season, but they’re one of the main culprits for an unhealthy smile.

Prosecco and especially sodas contain a ton of sugar and are high in acidity.

All of that sugar provides the perfect environment for bacteria to get to work on giving you bad breath, plaque, and even eating away at your tooth enamel.

The fizz might be festive, but missing teeth? Not so much. 

Stay Hydrated

You’re likely going to be consuming all kinds of food and drink, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

However, if what you’re eating and drinking can be damaging to your teeth, drink water. Staying hydrated helps saliva wash away bacteria left behind. This also lessens the chances of your breath smelling. 

Staying hydrated naturally keeps your body healthy. But, the more hydrated you are, the better chance your teeth have of being protected against harmful bacteria.

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