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Tenerife 1

This year I was spoilt at a beautiful 5 star hotel in Tenerife. I went with my best friend, her family and some of their friends. There were 10 of us altogether so we took up a lot of sun beds by the pool! We stayed in the south of the island at a hotel called Jardines de Nivaria, which is in Playa de Fanabe.

The hotel was amazing and we were really looked after – there was even a button to press for someone to bring you cocktails by the pool. We definitely took advantage of that! The weather was lovely too, it was around 28 degrees and sunny all holiday. I love Tenerife; it’s so pretty. There are lots of trees and flowers and the sea looks so clear and blue.

Tenerife 2

It was my friend’s mum’s birthday while we were there so we all chipped in and rented a yacht for the day. We stopped at one of the beaches and all jumped in the sea and had plenty of cava and nibbles for the trip! We even stopped and saw lots of dolphins and whales, which was so incredible to see. We were amazed how many there were and how close they came to our boat!

The food in the hotel was divine, at breakfast there were chefs to make you fresh omelettes, bacon, eggs and pancakes however you liked them. There was plenty of chocolate, cheese, fruit, yoghurts and even a fresh smoothie making station! I have to say my favourite part of breakfast was the bucks fizz though – well we were on holiday!

Now I’m home and back to reality (boo!) I’ll be back to healthy eating, running and my exercise classes to try and keep fit. It was fun to relax and over indulge for a week though!

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